Mission & Philosophy

We co-exist with all stakeholders, through ethical management.
We make the world a better place with our investments.

Mission 1

We invest in product and service that make people’s lives better than before.

Mission 2

We invest in entrepreneurs who have a great idea and a greater entrepreneurship.

Mission 3

We invest our resources with expertise and excellence.

Company Profile

기업 개요

MegaInvestment has an expertise in early stage investment.
Our focus is on startup companies that hold high potential for exponential growth.

  • 2020. 09
    Est. Mega Agricultural Venture Fund No.3
  • 2021. 05
    Est. Mega-HGI Double Impact Fund
  • 2020. 09
    Est. Smart Korea Mega Youth Fund
  • 2020. 08
    Est. Mega Trand Startup No.2 Partnership
  • 2019. 08
    Est. MEGA Youth-Jobs Leverage Fund
  • 2018. 01
    Est. MEGA-PS Milestone Investment Fund No.2
  • 2017. 12
    Est. MEGA GEMSTONE Investment Fund No.1
    Est. MEGA-PS Milestone Investment Fund No.1
    Est. 2017 Mega RS Fund
  • 2016. 12
    Est. 2016 Mega Growth-Ladder Follow-on Fund
  • 2014. 10
    Est. Mega Agricultural Growth Venture Fund No.2
  • 2013. 08
    Est. Mega Trend Startup No.1 Partnership
    Est. Mega Agricultural Venture Fund No.1
  • 2012. 04
    Registered as New Technology Finance Business
  • 2012. 03
    Establishment of Mega Investment